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Search for an Authentic Kriya Yoga Guru - As heard from our Guruji.

Kriya yoga knowledge is pure and subtle which is learnt from an authorized kriya guru or " Acharya" who has an authentic lineage from Lahiri Mahashaya. This knowledge and techniques are secretive and there are no public disclosures beyond a stage as it is passed from the Guru to his/her Disciples directly. This cannot be learnt online or thru any distance learning courses. Please do not try these kriyas under self medication after reading kriya literature's.

How do you identify a genuine kriya " Guru" :

1. He is divine and is not indulged in any kind of business of Kriya. His only expectation from his disciples are devotion and sincerity towards Guru and kriya practices.

2. As per Babaji Maharaj kriya dakshina during initiation is valued at 5 in the transacting currency of the land i.e Rs 5 , $5 or Euro 5 etc.

3. A sincere kriyaban after passing thru all stages of kriya and has attained samadhi is made " Guru or Acharya" by his guru thru a public ceremony or in writing. There are always an over lapping period between the " New Acharya" and his " Guru" in the mortal frame. If any kriyaban claims to be a Guru after his Master's mahasamadhi , one should thoroughly validate his claim. There are many kriyaban who are "Self proclaimed " acharyas and one must be careful about them.

4. A kriya guru must be able to demonstrate a perfect " Kechari" mudra and an MRI of which is available on internet by Sri Shailendra Sharma for reference.

5. One can read our gurujis book on " Kriya yoga " for more information.