“Breathing is not the property of anyone or of any country, community or religion. Anyone can attain the Supreme Reality through the breathing and energy techniques of Kriya Yoga. Only Sincerity and complete surrender to Guru is needed.”
“Kriya yoga is a scientific and shortcut technique of soul culture. It is the essence of all religions. It helps one to be calmly active and actively calm. Go on practicing Kriya.”
A bird needs two wings and a tail if it wishes to fly in the sky. If you sever one of the wings of a bird, that bird cannot fly long distance. Even if you sever the tail of the bird, it will not be able to fly in the proper direction. Similarly, “Gyan” or […]
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Swami Sadhanananda Giri

Welcome To Kriya Yoga Ashram

Sadguru Swami Sadhanananda Giri is a living Kriya Yoga master from the ancient unbroken lineage of Kriya Yoga masters of India. He is a disciple of Swami Bhabananda Giri, who was a direct disciple of Sri Yukteshwar Giri. Swami Sadhanananda Giri has initiated a large number of Kriya Yoga practitioners in India, USA, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and many other Asian countries. To His innumerable devotees & admirers, He is not only the embodiment of Godliness, but also a living God – the ultimate repository of peace and sublimity. He holds the key to self-realization & salvation. Following his guidelines, many of His disciples crossed the barriers of mundane existence to attain the summit of human life.

He has authored many books on Kriya Yoga and Sadhana, one of which had been translated to English. His devotional songs had been published as audio CDs and DVDs and sold all over the world.

Swami Sadhanananda Giri founded the Jujersa Yogashram in the state of West Bengal in India in 1976. Over the past three decades, he has spread Kriya Yoga through Kriya initiations, books, lectures and Sadhana songs